25 Years
Wickens Company announced today that the sawmill  operated by its Wick’s Forest Industries division at Townsend has been restarted and this week expects to recall twenty of its employees. The announcement was made by Bob Gamm, Public Relations Manager of the company in Santa Monica, California.
The city of Townsend will celebrate it’s 100th birthday this year starting in May.
Rick and Nancy Foote of Butte visited Saturday and Sunday at the home of her parents Harold and Eleanor Marks.
50 Years
Marvin Meyers and Keith Valentine, co-chairmen of the American Legion ,sponsored a kite flying contest, announce that everything is all set for the event which will take place at the airport Sunday, April 13th.
Mrs. Helen Carson of Arlington, New Jersey arrived by plane to spend Easter with her brother and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carsom, and her niece Miss Helen Carson, who was home from Western College of Education at Havre.
Charley Shaw left Sunday for Beaumont with his string of race horses to begin training for the racing season which starts in June.
75 Years
Messers, Alexander, McLaren and Walter McLaren who have been engaged in mining in this vicinity for the past year and who have spent the winter in Seattle, returned to Townsend this week to continue activities during the coming season. A son, Frank, accompanied his father here, also to assist in the summers work.
More beer will be sold in Townsend tonight, after 13 years of no beer, according to D.C. McCarthy and L.E. Griffith, local beer dealers.
A.V. Safely, manager of the Montana Power Company here loaded in his truck a nice new Colan washing machine the sale being made in Radersburg on Monday of this week. He was assisted in the delivery by Jack Briscoe. Mr. Safely says he is just about sold out  on electrical equipment and fixtures and in a short time will have a new stock complete throughout.
Louis Green purchased the office building from Mrs. G. W. Gilham recently. Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey have refinished the interior and have moved there to make there home.
Carl Hov is engaged this week doing some carpentry and repair work on the city home of Mrs. Mary Lynch. The house erected in the early days in Townsend has stood the test of time well and with the renewal of new floors, sills, etc. will be put in first class shape again.
100 Years
On April first W.C. Eversole retired from the Townsend Mercantile Co’s store. It will be remembered that he sold his interests some time ago but elected to remain for a time to assist in setting up the affairs of the Co.
For sale immediately at the Scott and Brown ranch, near Canyon Ferry, one Mountain Trout buggy together with my household goods and the cooking utensils, also rifle and shot gun.
The school election Saturday resulted in the election of  T.H. Swirft ad Dr. J.P. Ritchey. We understand the election to be an endorsement of our present public school and will probably result in the retention of the present corps of instructors.
Mrs. C.F. Henry has engaged to teach the Radersburg school for a couple of months. She began her duties last month.